Will Online Addiction Counseling Work for Me?

Will Online Addiction Counseling Work for Me?Finding the right addiction treatment program for you can be difficult especially when you are not sure where to begin. There are so many programs and options out there, it is difficult to figure out which one will work best for you. One of the simplest forms of treatment is online counseling programs. These programs may seem like a great idea, because you can do them from home and with little sacrifice or work on your part. You can keep your job and continue to spend time with family and friends and nobody has to know about your drug abuse problem or your current efforts to make a change. These benefits may seem like they make online counseling programs a no-brainer choice, but there are drawbacks to online counseling programs that may hurt your chances of successfully recovering.

Disadvantages of Online Addiction Counseling

The disadvantages of online addiction counseling can negatively affect your entire recovery process. One of the greatest things about treatment in a rehab center is that you get away from your home and your situation long enough to arm yourself against relapse. Online addiction counseling doesn’t do these things for you. With online addiction counseling there is a great deal of work and pressure to support yourself through addiction. You have to be the one to log onto the website and do your counseling which takes determination and dedication. You also have to remain in your own home and dealing with the same situations you deal with every day which can be distracting and hard to get through when dealing with detox and withdrawal symptoms. Online addiction counseling doesn’t provide the professional medical attention that a rehab center does, and you won’t get the same personalized attention with an online addiction counseling program that you get in a rehab center with a counselor who can work with you to address all emotional, psychological and mental issues that may be associated with your drug problem.

Online Addiction Counseling and Other Addiction Treatment Options

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