Will Moving Help Me End My Addiction?

Will Moving Help Me End My Addiction?People may wish to relocate during addiction recovery to avoid people, places and problems that promote relapse. This is especially true if the recovering addict lives with family members who hinder recovery. Family members may be addicts themselves or discourage recovery attempts. Unhealthy family relationships can also underlie addictive behavior. Family stress, relationship issues, abusive situations and other issues have a strong impact on substance abuse, so escaping these negative issues can bolster addiction recovery and overall quality of life.

Moving can also be symbolic for a fresh start in recovery. Having a new home can help addicts feel like they are starting over and getting a second chance at life. Many drug addicts also struggle with other problems so much that they are unhappy with the courses their lives are taking. Many people hate their jobs, are unhappy with their relationships or wish they were doing something else with their lives. In response to this, addiction recovery is all about change, making changes that will benefit one’s life. Instead of quitting an addiction, people have to fix the issues that influenced their addictive behavior. This means that relocating to a new place can give addicts the change they need to start over. Addicts can see a move as an opportunity to what they want and create a life that will bring them fulfillment.

Should I Move after Rehab?

Not every recovering drug addict must move after treatment ends. For one, moving is major commitment. Searching for a home, arranging finances, packing and other issues make moving overwhelming and stressful. This stress can easily trigger addictive thoughts and tendencies for an addict who is in recovery, so recovering addicts must be cautious of this.

Furthermore, some individuals cannot move, but they need a temporary change of scenery. For these people, inpatient addiction treatment may be a great option. Afterwards, several sober homes and other housing opportunities ease addicts from rehab to home life. Sober homes allow people to get back into the swing of things, like getting back to work, reuniting with family and friends and taking on different responsibilities. Sober homes create environments that do not tempt addicts to relapse.

Even if moving is not an option, major life changes must happen if people wish to obtain long-term recovery. It is imperative that recovering addicts avoid people, hangouts and activities that promote drug use, and they must incorporate healthy activities, relationships and continued treatment into their lives.

Addiction Treatment after Rehab Ends

If you seek addiction treatment after rehab ends, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our addiction counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist you with finding the addiction treatment and recovery resources that are right for you. Addiction counselors are happy to answer your questions, address your concerns and provide you with all the information you need on treatment options. To learn more about how we can connect you to addiction treatment, call and talk to an addiction counselor today.