Why Do I Need Counseling for Addiction?

Why do I need counseling for addiction?If you are struggling with addiction, you may be wondering why you need therapy or rehab for addiction. You may just think you can quit on your own. Addiction counseling can change your life and may be the key to your wellness and recovery. The following are reasons why addiction counseling is needed:

  • Addiction is a disease, an illness that is beyond your control. Take time to research the disease model of addiction and learn how addiction becomes a chronic illness that requires treatment.
  • Addiction counseling provides a safe place for you to learn more about yourself as a person and to heal old emotional wounds. Rehab and counseling offer a place to speak without being judged. Counseling provides the foundation for a more positive and rewarding life.
  • Addiction controls your life. Counseling and addiction treatment  therapy show how prevalent addiction becomes and how to rediscover priorities.
  • Addiction affects loved ones. Even if you feel you can manage your addiction on your own, counseling can help you communicate better with people you love and rebuild any damaged relationships.
  • Save your career and your freedom. Addiction can lead to a loss of career, the ability to drive and personal freedom.
  • Recover the life you love. When is the last time you were truly happy? Is this addiction making you truly content with your life? Addiction can create a cycle of unhappiness that seems impossible to escape. Give treatment a chance to see if you can find the life you want to live.

Need Addiction Counseling Help?

Effective addiction counseling and treatment will help you live your life one day at a time and find the life you will truly enjoy. Take the first step toward recovery. Call our toll-free number now. We are available 24 hours a day and can put you in touch with addiction treatment resources, addiction counselors, intervention assistance, ongoing therapy and more.