Three Tips for Avoiding Addiction to Prescription Drugs

Three Tips for Avoiding Addiction to Prescription Drugs

The best way to avoid most prescription drug dangers is by ensuring that you are prescribed the right drugs

Prescription drug addiction is a major health problem in many countries around the world. Most people do use their medications as prescribed and are able to avoid addiction. However, when people use their prescriptions in any way other than prescribed there is always a risk of addiction. When it comes to preventing prescription drug abuse, patients, doctors and pharmacists all play a major role.

Avoiding Prescription Drug Addiction

Medicine is meant to promote wellness and the health of patients. If used correctly, prescription drug dangers can be minimized, even for those known to be abused the most. Consider the tips given below in order to avoid drug dependence or addiction:

  • The best way to avoid most prescription drug dangers is by ensuring that you are prescribed the right drugs. When visiting your doctor, ensure that you discuss all the symptoms of your condition. Talk to your doctor about all the medications, supplements, herbs, prescriptions, drugs and alcohol that you use. Your doctor will be able to make an informed decision about whether to prescribe you an extended-release drug or if there are any alternative drugs available with less risk of drug dependence.
  • It is vital that you follow the prescription directions carefully. Only use the medication as prescribed. If you think that the medication is not working, do not change the dose or stop taking the medication on your own. Do not take larger doses because you think that the medication is not adequately working.
  • Visit your doctor regularly to ensure that the dose prescribed for you is right and that the medication prescribed to you is working properly. Get more information about the medication you are prescribed. Talk to your pharmacist or doctor about what you should expect when you start taking the medication. Learn more about the effects of the medication so you can contact a medical professional as soon as you notice any alarming signs of prescription drug addiction.

By following these simple tips, you can help keep yourself safe from the dangers of prescription drug abuse and addiction.

Prescription Drug Dangers Can Be Avoided

Many doctors are wary of prescribing certain medications, especially opiate painkiller drugs, because they are afraid of their addictive potential. Although these drugs do have a higher risk of abuse and addiction, it is unlikely that a patient will get addicted if he follows the prescription carefully. Most prescription drug dangers can be avoided simply by communicating honestly with your doctor and following the prescription carefully. However, if you are afraid of developing drug dependence, talk to your doctor about alternative medications or therapies available. In certain cases, alternative medications that contain less potent ingredients may be prescribed if a patient has a history of prior prescription drug abuse or psychological problems. To learn more about prescription drug abuse or for addiction help, call our toll-free helpline today. Admissions coordinators are available 24 hours to take your call.