The Importance of Routine in Recovery

The Importance of Routine in Recovery

Having a routine is especially beneficial to those fresh in recovery

Establishing and maintaining a positive routine during recovery is highly important. Once a person gets clean, she has to relearn how to manage her life; how to dive back into her previous roles and responsibilities. Routine is not only beneficial to helping individuals maintain their recovery success, routine provides an individual with rhythm and habit. Having a set routine reduces the amount of stressful planning and coordinating that needs to be done on a daily basis. People in recovery have enough to focus on. By establishing a routine, individuals can make everyday tasks habitual, requiring less thought and energy. Life eventually becomes easier to manage, and so does maintaining recovery.

What are the Benefits of Routine During Addiction Recovery?

Routine specifically benefits recovery by creating order and predictability. Individuals in recovery need to achieve stability and order over the previous chaos that came with addiction. Keeping a routine provides an individual with a blueprint for what they are going to do in both the short- and long-term. When people in recovery do not have the predictability of knowing what they are going to do on a given day, they can easily become anxious, stressed, restless or bored. Routine reduces distraction and helps individuals stay focused on recovery.

Having a routine is especially beneficial to those fresh in recovery. These individuals will leave treatment and make the transition back to everyday life. Learning how to juggle recovery with work, home and socializing isn’t easy. A routine can ensure that individuals can manage their life in recovery step-by-step. It gives individuals a framework for gradually taking on more responsibility during recovery. Routines can and should be flexible as individuals will eventually make certain tasks habitual and instinctual, which allows them to take on more responsibility and tasks as they grow stronger in recovery. Building flexibility into one’s routine provides the needed structure to everyday life without letting it becoming stagnant or boring.

Routine makes life more manageable and it also fosters stability. As individuals can develop a rhythm and ordered way of doing and accomplishing things, they not only benefit themselves, but they also benefit others. As individuals become more accustomed to accomplishing daily tasks and responsibilities, their lives becomes easier to manage. From coping with stressors to taking care of the family, individuals will be better suited to tend to their obligations with a routine. This leaves individuals feeling accomplished and confident and it also fosters stability instead of feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable to failure. Completing tasks and fulfilling roles at home, work, school and in relationships will benefit everyone.

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