The Importance of Courage in Life-Long Recovery

The Importance of Courage in Life-Long Recovery

True courage means pursuing positive changes despite apprehensions

Life-long recovery from addiction is a positive change, but the process of achieving and maintaining recovery can seem daunting. People tend to find comfort in familiarity, even when what is familiar becomes destructive. Addicted individuals rely heavily on their drug of choice, often believing that their drug use is the only thing that allows them to function and feel normal in daily life. Due to their reliance on drug use, a person with addiction is likely to find it difficult to let go of their lifestyle. When a person understands that giving up drug use can create a better life, and takes steps to implement positive changes, he or she exhibits an impressive amount of courage.

What If I Want to Recover, But I Still Feel Afraid?

Individuals seeking recovery should not expect themselves to make their apprehensions suddenly disappear. Feeling afraid of the changes that come along with life-long recovery is normal, and in no way indicates a lack of courage. Pursuing recovery despite fears is the best way for an addicted individual to demonstrate courage. Seeking the support of others, such as trusted friends, family members and counselors can help the individual cope with his fears and pursue the positive changes that he knows he needs.

How Courage Helps Individuals Overcome the Challenges of Recovery

Recovery presents many challenges in which courage becomes a helpful, even necessary, attribute. These challenges often include the following:

  • Resisting relapse, even when feeling the urge to slip back into the old, familiar lifestyle. In certain places, among certain people, or on particularly bad days, a person in recovery may feel the desire to relapse. In these situations, he or she will need courage, as well as the support of others.
  • Facing problems without the numbness provided by drugs or alcohol. Many addicted individuals use drugs to numb emotional or physical pain. Recovery requires finding the courage to face these problems with help from sources other than drug use.
  • Accepting responsibility for the past and seeking amends. In recovery, individuals explore the root cause of their substance abuse, as well as the problems caused by their drug use. Facing a painful past head on requires strength, but with the help of professional counselors, it is entirely doable.
  • Completing the tasks necessary to accomplish life goals. After becoming well established in a sober lifestyle, an individual becomes equipped to pursue goals, such as progressing in a career or starting a family. Taking the steps necessary to complete these goals takes courage and the ability to push forward despite fear of the unknown.

With the right help, anyone can develop the strength and courage needed to navigate lifelong addiction recovery. High quality addiction treatment teaches patients everything they need to know about how to manage their illness and thrive in recovery.

Need Help Finding Support in Recovery?

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