Substance Abuse Counseling for Women

Substance abuse counseling for womenAddiction treatment therapy tailored to match individuals and their lifestyles is the most effective means of addiction recovery. This is especially true for women, who experience addiction differently than men due to the following:

  • Women are usually the caretakers in families. Women tend to be the moms, daughters, sisters and friends who do it all. Sometimes dealing with everyone else in the family can become overwhelming — and exhausting.
  • Women have a unique genetic makeup. They are typically smaller than men and become intoxicated more quickly. Women also experience menstruation, pregnancy and menopause which need to be considered during addiction treatment.
  • While women are just as likely to try alcohol and drugs as men, they tend to become more severely addicted. Addiction struggles for women tend to begin more quickly and last longer.
  • Women are at particular risk of experiencing violent crimes and traumatic incidents while intoxicated. These traumas can require additional treatment to overcome.
  • The possibility of pregnancy in women makes addiction a life or death situation for both the mother and unborn child.
  • While women become addicted as often as men, they are less likely to receive the treatment they need. This happens because women are often caring for children, or because women tend to abuse substances more consistently and secretly than men. Some women do not feel that they “deserve” much needed treatment and may try to unsuccessfully treat themselves at home.

Why Women Abuse and Addiction Counseling Is Different

Women counseling is geared to help women become stronger together and heal the unique trauma that women experience. This counseling meets the specific needs of women and heals emotions that traditional counseling will not help.  Women substance abuse rehab offers the following:

  • Fitness therapy designed for women
  • Relaxing and calming surroundings
  • Wholesome meals and nutrition plans geared towards female needs
  • Help healing the wounds of old trauma
  • A support network of fellow women
  • Therapists who understand women needs

Some treatment centers only allow female patients, while others will offer women counseling and integrative treatment that also allows men and women to attend group therapy in order to build healing and communication together.

Help Finding Substance Abuse Counseling for Women

If you or someone you love has had a difficult time with addiction or mental health issues, we can help. We offer a toll-free 24-hour helpline that is staffed by caring counselors. We can help provide information on addiction, withdrawal and treatment. We can even help you arrange and plan for an intervention for a loved one, find quality treatment or simply find a therapist to talk with. Break free from addiction; give us a call.