Substance Abuse Counseling for Veterans

Substance abuse counseling for veteransSoldiers are trained to be tough and to work through any pain. Veterans gave their all in order to serve their country. They exemplified bravery and strength in high-stress situations. Oftentimes, veterans have gone through traumatic experiences that can lead to disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or substance addiction.

Veterans and soldiers are often hesitant to seek help for mental health and substance abuse problems. They fear these problems will become part of their permanent record and may affect future promotions. Others seek treatment outside of military resources and face a different set of challenges, as veterans and their families must look far and wide to find counselors that understand and respect the unique military experience.

Since October 2001, over two million US troops have been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq with many serving several times. With so many soldiers experiencing trauma, the need for treatment and treatment research has increased. Fortunately, a new type of specialty treatment has emerged: substance addiction counseling for veterans.

Specialty Rehabilitation for Veterans

Specialty counseling and substance abuse treatment for veterans can provide unique opportunities for recovery. These treatments include the following aspects:

  • Therapists who understand military life and military experiences
  • Private and confidential treatment in a peaceful environment
  • Dual Diagnosis treatment that effectively treats PTSD and other stress disorders in addition to addiction
  • Support and guidance from others who have been where you are today and recovered
  • A community of people who understand you and your experiences
  • Support for your family
  • Follow-up care that understands your needs and experiences

The Link Between PTSD and Addiction

The National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has released data that indicates that PTSD and alcohol problems often co-occur. This may be news to the medical community, but military veterans already know this.

PTSD is a medical condition that is treatable. Unfortunately, without treatment resources, many veterans turn to alcohol or drugs as a means of self-medication. PTSD begins as a normal reaction to an abnormal stress. It is normal to feel frightened, anxious, jumpy, emotional and fearful during a traumatic incident. When those feelings continue on for months or years, however, it can be impossible to live a healthy, meaningful life. PTSD sufferers may turn to alcohol or drug abuse to try and feel better, but substance abuse then becomes a problem in its own right.

Help Finding Substance Abuse Counseling for Veterans

Whether you are struggling with PTSD, anxiety, depression or substance abuse, our helpline can help you find treatment that is right for you. Our trained operators are available 24 hours a day, and all calls are completely confidential. Our number is toll-free, and we are not affiliated with the VA or US military in any way. We can help you find resources for treatment, intervention, family counseling, ongoing therapy and more. Call us today.