Sexual Addiction Counselor

Sex addiction couselorSexual addiction has become more prevalent in modern times. We used to only hear about heroin addiction or alcohol addiction, but given the recent stories in the media, sexual addiction is being discussed more and more. This may be because more people are developing the condition or because it is only now being recognized as a disorder. Whatever the case, it is recognized today as an official addiction and there is treatment for it.

A person who is addicted to sex will engage in it indiscriminately. They may be tempted to have sex at anytime and  anywhere with anyone. Sex addicts may experience different levels of addiction, depending on one’s particular situation.

Those with a sex addiction can benefit by seeking the help of a sexual addiction counselor. Contact us today and we can help you find a sexual addiction counselor who can help you on your journey to conquering your addiction.

Overcome Sex Addiction with a Sexual Addiction Counselor

Treatment for a sexual addiction can come in numerous forms. When you are interviewing counselors and rehab programs, be sure to ask about their treatment methodology which is simply their approach to care. Some rehab programs will treat patients via cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) while others may utilize a 12-step approach. It is a good idea to gather all  the information you can about what type of treatment is being used so you can decide if it’s a good approach for you .

If you suffer from a porn or sexual addiction, it is very important that you get help. A porn or sexual addiction can ruin your life just like an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Sexual addiction and porn cause problems with relationships, and this is particularly true if the addict is married or in a monogamous relationship. A good sexual addiction counselor can be very helpful in helping an individual identify their problem and then work toward solving it. If you are not aware of any experts in this field, contact us today at our toll-free number.  We can offer you recommendations for treatment help.

Sexual addiction, like any other, is likely to be a lifelong struggle. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is something that an individual will have to battle all their life. To make things easier, it is always a good idea for addicts (or recovering addicts) to make sure that they investigate after-care options and then get involved in them.

Porn addiction aftercare includes programs that offer recovering addicts ongoing support and structure to aid them on their continued path to recovery. Examples of pornography addiction aftercare include counseling and support groups.