OCD and Addiction

OCD and AddictionObsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) affects people differently, but all individuals with OCD are at a higher risk for developing an addiction. The severity of OCD can range from barely noticeable to an inability to maintain a normal life due to actions and impulses. It can be hard for some OCD sufferers to face the fact that what they might consider to be quirks are actually serious obsessive compulsive tendencies that require professional OCD treatment.

Addiction and OCD Exist Together

The ritualistic acts that accompany obsessive compulsive disorder can include extreme organizing, house cleaning or counting. Unless the person struggling with OCD is able to complete his or her rituals, he or she will struggle with intense feelings of anxiety. This can often result in individuals with OCD repeating rituals numerous times, until they feel that they are able to finally move on to the next task. The already altered state of mind associated with OCD can make substance addiction seem like a logical means to self-medicate. OCD and addiction often co-occur due to the following reasons:

  • When drugs or alcohol are used, people struggling with OCD may feel they have a measure of control over their actions
  • The altered state of mind experienced while under the influence can help OCD sufferers to feel they can escape from the anxiety that accompanies the OCD behaviors
  • People who struggle with OCD may spend countless hours organizing, cleaning, counting, or performing the other rituals rather than sleeping, and drugs and alcohol can offer a temporary escape through dreamless sleep
  • Stimulants can keep those with OCD going throughout the day without the need to stop and perform the rituals that would otherwise give them anxiety
  • Many OCD sufferers use alcohol or relaxants to calm down

Help for OCD and Addiction

People who struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder are often adept at hiding their condition from those around them. However the longer that a person goes without receiving comprehensive treatment for both addiction and OCD, the more ingrained the rituals and the addiction will become. The sooner you or your loved one receives addiction help and OCD treatment, the sooner they will be back to a life that is not governed by the demands of a debilitating mental disorder and a dangerous addiction.

Overcome Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Addiction Today

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