My Spouse Is Hiding an Addiction

My Spouse Is Hiding an AddictionNo one knows your spouse better than you; however, it may still take you by surprise when you find that your spouse has a secret addiction. Addicts become very adept at keeping their addiction from those around them. But, even with their best efforts, addicts very often bring their addictions to light.

Questions about Addiction

When dealing with an addicted spouse you may feel overwhelmed and confused about the direction that you need to go. A whirlwind of questions like the following may be running through your mind:

  • How do you know if your spouse needs rehab?
  • Could the secret addiction potentially just go away?
  • What kind of treatment will your spouse receive at a rehab program?
  • How would recovery affect your family life?

While every situation is different, and every addict is different, the following are a few reasons that you should definitely reach out for help:

  • Addiction is a progressive illness; it is very rare for it to go away on its own. Rather, what you will be facing is the addiction moving toward a deeper and darker place.
  • Dealing with an addicted spouse is never easy and it is unlikely to get much easier if you ignore the secret addiction.
  • The hidden addiction is going to soon become noticeable to others outside of your family; this could drastically affect your spouse’s ability to hold down a job and contribute to the financial security of the family.
  • Financial troubles generally accompany addiction. Even if you are not currently seeing a financial impact on your family, the reality is that you soon will as the addiction progresses.
  • If your spouse’s hidden addiction includes drugs or alcohol, there are also health concerns to think about.

No matter the substance to which your spouse is addicted, or how severe the addiction is, it is very important that you take the steps needed to get the necessary help. Your family’s stability and overall emotional well-being greatly depends on having your addicted spouse getting addiction help.

Addiction Help for My Spouse

You may find it difficult to confront your addicted spouse about the hidden addiction. With this in mind, consider hiring an interventionist to help you to stage an intervention for your loved one. An interventionist can give you the benefit of experience and knowledge, as well as walk you through the invention process in order to ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Getting your spouse into rehab is a crucial part of stabilizing your family. Give our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors a call to our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. You can confidentially discuss treatment options and we can help you find an interventionist to help you. You may feel alone on this journey toward getting your loved one treatment help; however, you are not alone. We are here to help.