Is There Such a Thing as Drug-Induced Stoicism?

Is There Such a Thing as Drug-Induced Stoicism?

Stoicism is the endurance of pain, suffering or difficult circumstances without showing emotion

Stoicism describes the endurance of pain, suffering or difficult circumstances without showing any emotion. While it is a philosophy that many people can support, it can also make or break addiction treatment. People who are stoic and detached from emotion can be harder to reach than those who know the damage that their addiction is doing. Addiction and stoicism can be a difficult mix to address in professional treatment, but with the right rehab team, there is hope for recovery.

Stoicism and Addiction Treatment

Stoicism is usually a symptom of great detachment from emotions. This response typically occurs due to trauma, fear or some other event in the past that triggers the need for self preservation. Becoming stoic in the face of pain, failure or trauma is like putting on a suit of armor in the middle of a battle: although it protects from injury, it can also make healing impossible, as even therapists cannot address wounds. When it comes to drug or alcohol addiction, learning to break through stoicism is an important part of the treatment process. Doctors and therapists work with patients to reconnect them with their emotions and to talk about the issues that initiated substance abuse in the first place. Without this connection, it is difficult for recovering addicts to learn and employ coping strategies that combat drug cravings. By remaining in a stoic state, the emotional connection is never made, and the harm of addiction is never fully understood.

Breaking Through Stoicism

With proper treatment, your rehab team can help you or a loved one break through the stoicism that blocks healing from addiction. Learning to face past trauma, present fears and current struggles in healthy ways helps recovering addicts break through the armor of stoicism. Talking to others in group therapy helps rehab patients recovery realize that they are not alone. Realizing that other addicts share the same type of struggles, and then seeing those users deal with problems successfully, offer hope to the stoic people that are also there in rehab.

Find Help for Addiction

Stoicism can be a barrier to drug treatment, but learning to break through that barrier with the right help can initiate your journey to a drug-free life. If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, our staff can help you get and stay clean. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options.