Imovane (Zopiclone) Abuse Risks

Imovane (Zopiclone) Abuse RisksRegardless of how you began abusing a sleeping pill, the most step to take after you realize your condition is how to handle it. Zopiclone is one such sleeping pill that is incredibly addictive, especially if you lack medical supervision while using it. You risk many health problems if you abuse this drug, so get help to get clean and to begin recovering.

Causes of Sleeping Pill Addiction

Many people who become addicted to sleeping pills do so unintentionally. Typically, sleeping pill addictions start with gradual abuse that builds momentum and explodes into a destructive condition. Your reasons for abusing sleeping pills might vary greatly from others sleeping pill addicts’, but many people become addicted to these drugs for the following reasons:

  • To self-medicate PTSD-induced insomnia
  • To self-medicate non-specific insomnia
  • To self-medicate depression or anxiety
  • To avoid confrontation

Regardless of why you initially abusing sleeping pills, you must now decide how you will handle this problem. If you ignore it, your symptoms will only worsen, and you will not address the issue that compels your sleeping abuse in the first place.

Treatment for Zopiclone Abuse

Many treatment centers may address sleeping pill addictions in the same way, but the most effective treatment will be customized to your unique needs. In a recovery center that is familiar with Zopiclone abuse, medical professionals will offer the types of treatment that will most benefit you. For instance, detox from a sleeping pill can be uncomfortable and filled with several sleepless nights. However, a facility staffed by therapists and doctors can make you feel comfortable as you go through the detox phase. This will make your recovery begin much more smoothly, and motivate you to continue with rehab. Your comfort and health will be the primary concern of those responsible for your treatment.

One of the serious concerns about delaying treatment for sleeping pill abuse is the potential for overdose. For example, if you combine sleeping pills with other depressants, such as alcohol, the potential is great for a life-threatening consequence. Do not delay seeking professional help for an addiction, no matter if the addiction is to a drug as seemingly harmless as a sleeping pill.

Finding Help for Sleeping Pill Abuse

To learn more about sleeping pill addiction and the availability of Imovane in the US, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Calls are confidential and answered by qualified addiction counselors. Sleeping pill addictions don’t need to dominate your life; call our counselors now and begin your recovery.