How to Tell Your Fiancé You Are Addicted

How to Tell Your Fiancé You Are AddictedAddicts are really great at one thing; hiding their addiction from those who are around them. It is true that their addictions will eventually become painfully obvious to others, and that they are struggling with the abuse of drugs or alcohol. But, how do you approach your fiancé and come clean about your addiction? How do you get sober before getting married?

How to Discuss Addiction with Your Fiancé

No marriage should start with lies and addiction. If you are engaged and addicted, it is very important that you discuss your addiction with your fiancé and talk about rehab options. Discussing addiction may involve doing the following:

  • Sit down with your fiancé and explain that your relationship and upcoming nuptials mean the world to you
  • Explain to your fiancé that you have been struggling with an addiction that you would like to overcome before you get married
  • Keep the conversation non-confrontational and carefully answer your fiancés questions about your addiction
  • Tell your fiancé that you need to get sober before getting married

It can be daunting to face the idea that your fiancé might leave you because of your admission about your addiction. After all, who wants an addicted boyfriend or addicted girlfriend? This is your opportunity to learn just how strong your relationship truly is. Your fiancé may turn out to be your strongest ally and supporter in your journey to get addiction help.

How Addiction Treatment Can Help

We offer rehab for those who would like to get sober before getting married. As a part of our treatment plans that are tailored to fit your unique needs, we offer couples counseling so that you can continue to build your relationship. Addiction very often causes rifts in relationships; if you have been lucky enough to avoid these rifts, then couples counseling will serve to strengthen your relationship with your fiancé.
If, however, your addiction has caused difficulties in your relationship then couples counseling in rehab will help you to repair those rifts.

Before you say your “I do’s” it is important that you put yourself first. When you take the steps to get sober before getting married, you ensure that your new life together is going to be started on a healthy and honest footing.

To find a rehab program for you, give us a call on our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Calls will be confidentially handled by our compassionate counselors who will be available to answer your questions and address your concerns.

We are here to help you and your fiancé get the best start possible in your new life together. Give us a call, today.