How Self-Awareness Aids Recovery

How Self-Awareness Aids Recovery

When people are self-aware, they are in more control of their lives

The term self-awareness is self-explanatory: it means perceiving one’s own internal qualities, like strengths, weaknesses, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, motivations and behaviors. People who are self-aware tend to be in-tune with how their qualities affect other people, but people can also study how their qualities affect addiction recovery.

Why Is Self-Awareness Important for Addiction Recovery?

Self-awareness is not instilled in everyone, so many people have to acquire it by getting to know themselves. Self-awareness is a powerful skill to have, as many people in the workforce or education system gush about its importance in relation to achieving personal success.

Self-awareness is important because it gives truth. When people are self-aware, they are in more control of their lives, they are more likely to reach goals and they can maintain successful relationships because they understand who they are and who they want to be. People with self-awareness can see problems they need to change, and they can recognize their faults to work on them. In other words, self-awareness allows individuals to act instead of reacting. On the other hand, people without self-awareness constantly battle life, because they do not know what they want out of it. As a result of this ignorance, someone’s emotions, thoughts and behaviors often contradict each other, which locks people into problematic patterns.

Self-awareness can help people achieve their goals. No, life will never be perfect, but people with self-awareness can navigate problems more easily than those without it, because they do not have to question themselves.

Gaining Self-Awareness in Recovery

As self-awareness is essential for achieving goals and leading fulfilling lives, it is also critical for addiction recovery. When individuals know who they are and what they want, they are motivated to act. Learning about one’s self takes time, but in doing so drug addicts can get in-tune with their personalities, beliefs and emotions to change problems that encourage drug abuse. Many drug addicts do not know who they are, or what they want out of life, but learning about one’s self eliminates this void and strengthens recovery.

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