How Mental Health Symptoms Interfere with Addiction Recovery

How Mental Health Symptoms Interfere with Addiction RecoveryFor someone seeking addiction help, it might prove challenging to face down her addiction if she isn’t allowed to deal with her mental health concerns. In order to get the addiction help that addicts need, they also need to reach out for mental health help to ensure every problem is treated.

Symptoms of Mental Health Problems

TV commercials would have you believe that there is a magic pill for everything, including depression and other mental health concerns. The reality for addicts is that there is no magic pill. To get long-lasting recovery addicts need to understand their mental health disorders and undergo a series of treatment options.

Depression symptoms include fatigue, a loss of interest in activities and people around you, as well as a deep desire to harm yourself in an effort to feel something. Using drugs can mask the sense of loss and allow an addict to forget about everything that could be causing depression.

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that can be rather complex. It is usually coupled with depression, and this combination makes it a lot harder for an addict to stay sober without effective treatment. At the first sign of stress, addicts with anxiety disorders are likely to retreat to a safe place – and that place is often under the influence of drugs. To be addicted and anxious can quickly lead to a negative spiral deeper into addiction and depression.

While depression and anxiety are by no means the only two mental health concerns that addicts can have, it is important to note that mental health and addiction often manifests different characteristics between various people. Only a person skilled at treating both mental illness and addiction can help you determine the mental health disorders that you have and how they affect your sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction

Our facilities offer Dual Diagnosis treatment for mental health and addiction recovery. This treatment can be incredibly beneficial to anyone that is addicted and dealing with any mental health concern. Dual Diagnosis treatment offers the following benefits over a standard rehab recovery program:

  • By understanding your mental health issues, you will be in a much better position to take on your addiction.
  • Treating both the addiction and mental health concern reduces the risk of relapse.
  • Patients are equipped with the coping skills that can help keep them on the path of sobriety.

Help with Mental Health and Addiction

If you or someone that you love is struggling with a mental illness and addiction, do not hesitate to give us a call. Calls are toll-free to our 24 hour helpline, and we strictly follow all HIPPA privacy rules. There is no time like right now to get the mental health and addiction treatment that is so needed. We can help with family interventions, insurance coverage, mental health counseling, family counseling and more. Give us a call. We are here to help.