How Important Is It to Recognize Your Risk Factors for Mental Health Conditions?

How Important Is It to Recognize Your Risk Factors for Mental Health Conditions?

Recognizing your risk factors for mental health conditions can help you watch for symptoms

If you or a loved one has a family history of mental illness, it is important to know your risk of developing mental health symptoms and what they are. Mental health conditions are diseases of the mind caused by chemical imbalances. These diseases require treatment with both counseling and medication, and understanding your risk factors can help you prevent many debilitating side effects. Mental illness can cause and contribute to a number of secondary conditions like drug or alcohol addiction. As the person suffering with a mental illness tries to deal with withdrawals and other side effects, the temptation to reach for drugs or alcohol can be overwhelming. Getting the right kind of help from a drug treatment facility can offer those struggling with mental illness and addiction hope for a drug-free future.

Dual Diagnosis Basics

Early intervention in the case of mental illness is the best way to prevent a downhill spiral into addiction and other forms of self-harm. One of the best ways for early intervention to happen is through Dual Diagnosis treatment. Dual Diagnosis treatment facilities specialize in helping people who suffer from both an addiction and a mental illness. In a Dual Diagnosis treatment program, doctors and rehab staff members determine whether you or a loved one suffer from a mental illness that is contributing to or causing your addiction to drugs or alcohol. Doctors and psychotherapists need to know your symptoms, if you have suffered from mental illness in the past, or if you have a family history of mental illness. Because diseases of the mind can be genetic, understanding your family history of mental illness is an important part of the process. Once a diagnosis is reached, a treatment plan that includes psychotherapy, individual and group counseling, and medication can begin. Receiving this type of comprehensive drug treatment is the best way to begin a life of recovery, free from substance abuse.

Finding Help for Addiction and Mental Illness

Getting the right diagnosis and treatment for mental illness can mean the difference between a lifetime of recovery and a lifetime of substance abuse. Because mental illness and addiction often go hand in hand, finding the right rehab program is crucial for treatment success. If you or a loved one struggles with mental illness and addiction, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free helpline to speak to an admission coordinator, any time of day or night, about available treatment options.