How Do I Pay for an Intervention?

How Do I Pay for an Intervention?If a person you care deeply about is in denial about an addiction, you may consider hiring an interventionist or staging an intervention yourself. A family intervention, led by a licensed interventionist, can help you in a number of ways. Interventionists can provide structure and instruction on how to complete your intervention effectively and safely.

Hiring an Interventionist

There are important benefits to hiring an interventionist, versus completing an intervention on your own. Beyond the potential safety concerns (addicted persons may become angry or resistant during an intervention), an experienced interventionist can help you plan, prepare, and organize what is often an emotionally trying event. An experienced interventionist should be ready to combat resistance and soothe the nerves of the whole family. The interventionist can also help you choose a rehab program and get your loved one admitted into that program within 24 hours of the intervention.

You want to select your interventionist carefully. Many families find it helpful to take a moment to put together important questions they would like to ask an interventionist before they begin. Some common questions include the following:

  • What is your intervention experience?
  • How many interventions do you perform each year?
  • What are some of the common obstacles that occur during an intervention?
  • Will you meet with our family and friends before we actually stage the intervention?
  • Do you work with certain rehab programs or offer discounts for certain rehab treatment centers?
  • Are your services covered under insurance?

Costs of an Intervention versus Costs of Addiction

An intervention does not have to be extremely expensive or even expensive at all. Some interventions can be covered under health insurance, while others may be included in part of the rehab program. Don’t let fear of cost limit you from getting the services you need.

Consider the ongoing cost of a loved-one’s addiction. This may include job loss, relationship loss, long-term diseases like hepatitis or HIV, jail time, court fines, auto accidents, family violence, injuries, or even funeral expenses. The cost of an intervention is much smaller in comparison to these more serious costs.

Some licensed detox and rehab facilities work directly with licensed interventionists to offer “bundled” services. By choosing an interventionist and a rehab program together, you may reduce or all-together eliminate the added cost of the intervention itself.

Intervention and Addiction Treatment Assistance

If the idea of a family intervention sounds like something that will meet your needs, you are not alone. Thousands of families choose professional intervention and addiction support services every year. You owe it to yourself to learn more.

Our experienced recovery and addiction professionals work with a wide network of treatment providers, interventionists, counselors, and detox centers to help callers find the best programs to fit their specific addiction recovery needs at a cost that works. We even work with insurance companies and providers to find treatment that is covered under most major medical insurance plans. We are a fully licensed facility. Find out how we can help you today.