How Do I Find a Licensed Professional Addiction Counselor?

How Do I Find a Licensed Professional Addiction Counselor?Finding an addiction counselor is easy in some ways, as the Internet and other media forms make accessing addiction recovery resources simple. However it is becoming increasingly tricky to ensure that your addiction counselor is a licensed professional. Receiving treatment from someone that is not a licensed professional puts your sobriety at risk. Before you jump into addiction treatment, make sure you’re getting the best treatment you can get. Be sure the person treating you has the proper qualifications.

Why Do I Need a Licensed Professional Addiction Counselor?

You may be able to find cheaper treatment that does not involve sessions with a licensed professional addiction counselor, but you will be sacrificing the quality and safety of your treatment. When you go to a licensed treatment center, you know you are getting the best care. Licensed counselors and treatment centers must meet state standards to keep their license. Counselors that aren’t licensed aren’t held to the same standards that licensed counselors are and may offer faulty advice or promote risky “quick fix” treatment methods.

Attending Licensed Addiction Treatment

Enrolling in a licensed addiction treatment program gives you the best chance of success during your treatment. A licensed addiction counselor will help you understand your addiction and why you became addicted. Once you understand the root cause of your addiction, you can begin working through the problems that led to your addiction. Addiction is a complicated problem that can’t be fixed through simple treatment. Licensed addiction professionals have extensive training and understand the intricacies of addiction and recovery.

Find Licensed Addiction Counselors

Call our toll-free helpline today, and let us help you find a licensed addiction counselor. We are here 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and recovery. Addiction doesn’t have to be a lifelong problem, so call today and start the healing process.