Gestalt Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Gestalt Therapy for Addiction RecoveryGestalt therapy is a tested and proven method of treating psychological issues, including substance abuse and drug addiction. It can help an addict not only overcome addiction, but also understand himself better and the way he relates to others. This can result in great benefits in all areas of life.

What Is Gestalt Therapy?

Gestalt therapy takes a “big picture” approach to treatment, focusing on the way patients relate to others and to the world. The saying that “no man is an island” somewhat describes Gestalt therapy, which maintains that true psychological and emotional health can only be achieved by understanding oneself as part of a greater whole.

Gestalt therapy focuses on the patient’s experiences, self-awareness and the ways that the patient satisfies her needs. Drug abuse is often a dysfunctional method of responding to perceived needs, such as the need to escape from pressure or emotional pain. Drug addicts are often unaware of themselves and their true needs, but Gestalt therapy helps patients understand their needs, as well as the ways that they have responded to them in the past.

Gestalt therapy is non-judgmental and does not attempt to prescribe “correct” behavior; instead, it attempts to help patients recognize how their choices and behaviors have impacted their life. Gestalt therapists first try to establish a relationship based on trust and acceptance. The therapist-patient relationship is then used as a model for exploring the ways the patient relates to others, resulting in increased awareness of self in relation to the world. As a result of this increased awareness, patients should be able to make healthier, more productive choices in the future.

Benefits of Gestalt Therapy

In addition to overcoming drug or alcohol addiction, the increased self-awareness and awareness of one’s relationship with the world can result in enormous benefits in virtually all aspects of a patient’s life. They will learn to recognize their true needs and respond to them in healthier ways rather than seeking relief or escape in drug use. They are also likely to find increased satisfaction from interpersonal relationships and will probably enjoy greater career success.

Help Finding Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy has proven effective in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, and can offer many other benefits to recovering addicts. If you think Gestalt therapy might be right for you and you would like help finding it, or if you simply have questions about treatment, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today.