Family Addiction Counselor

Family Addiction CounselorAn addiction not only devastates the life of the person who has become dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, but it also strikes an incredible blow to their family. The family of an individual hooked on drugs experiences a great deal of pain, frustration and fear. Even when an addict has been successfully treated, the family may still have issues that are difficult, if not impossible, to immediately get over.

In order to provide those closest to the addict with the things they need to deal with their loved one’s substance abuse and dependency, time spent with a family addiction counselor might be a good idea. If you are a family member of someone hooked on drugs or if you are an addict who would like to find someone to sit down and speak with our family, you might want to contact a referral agency. They can offer you substance abuse counselor referrals. This can be very helpful and is a great place to begin your search for the “right” counselor.

Finding the Right Counselor

After you receive a list of addiction counselor referrals, you will want to figure out which ones are closest to you. Next, take some time and call each referral. Ask to speak with a counselor or someone on staff. You will need to determine whether or not the counselor is currently taking on new clients. Sometimes, their schedule is so full that it is not possible for the counselor to take on new families. If they are currently accepting new clients, ask if you can come by, introduce yourself and ask some questions. It is important that you prepare for your visit. Coming up with a good list of questions will be necessary. Consider asking the following:

How long have you been working as a counselor? You want to ask this question in order to determine the counselor’s experience level.

What is your experience with family addiction counseling?  This is a question specific to the field of family addiction counseling. A counselor may have lots of experience in other areas but not in this particular one.

What do you consider a successfully outcome of counseling? You will need to know what constitutes a success for that counselor. Does he expect your family to come in year after year? How will you and he (or she) know when the counseling has been successful?


What are your success rates? The counselor may be able to share positive outcomes from their experiences with other clients.

What does a treatment plan of this type look like? This is the blueprint for your loved one’s treatment. How often would your family need to come in for treatment? Who needs to be present?

If someone in your family is addicted to drugs, you and the rest of your family might need counseling as well. A good, experienced family addiction counselor can help a great deal. To find one closest to you, contact us at our toll-free number.  We can offer you addiction counselor referrals that can help you and your family on your road to healing.