Effects of Addiction

Effects of AddictionThe  effects of addiction will vary. They will depend on the individual addict, the types of drugs being used and the severity of the addiction. An individual who has developed a very serious drug dependency will likely have more severe effects than someone who is at the beginning stages of their addiction.

It is very important to encourage anyone who is addicted to drugs to get help. Contact us today for information on treatment options.  Regardless of the type of addiction, it’s important that you or your loved one get the help you need.

Effects of Addiction

Even though there are some variances in the effects of addiction, there are some pretty basic symptoms that affect most addicts across the board.

  • Psychological Degeneration. One of the worst effects of addiction is psychological degeneration. A person may become completely different than they once were. They may no longer be interested in the things that used to captivate them. Instead, they become obsessed with getting high. In an effort to obtain drugs, they might be willing to behave in ways that they would have never in the past. Some drugs can cause very serious psychological problems and illness. Depending on the drug being taken, a person may suffer from schizophrenia, psychosis and paranoia, among other mental ailments.
  • Career Problems. A person with a very serious drug problem will likely experience setbacks in their career. When an individual is severely addicted to drugs, the only thing they will want to do is get high. They would much rather score and use dope than go to work. Unexplained or too many absences is one reason why a person hooked on drugs may have career-related problems.
  • Marriage Problems. Addicts often have marital  problems. If both partners aren’t users, it is very likely that the party who does not use drugs wants the other to stop. Fights often ensue and if the problem is not resolved, the marriage may break up. Disagreements over money and financial problems due to the addict buying drugs are also the source of marital problems. Family addiction counseling is recommended.
  • Loss of Children. If a person who is addicted to drugs is unable to properly care for his or her kids, they may have them taken away by Child Protection Services.
  • Overdose. Overdosing, sometimes fatally, is a common effect of addiction.
  • Drug-related Physical Ailments. There is a lot of potential for developing drug-related physical ailments when a person is addicted to drugs; these include collapsed veins, heart attacks, abscesses and liver and kidney problems

If you have an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, get help. By doing so, you could very well be saving your life.