Balancing Faith and Addiction Recovery

Balancing Faith and Addiction RecoveryFinding spirituality is an important part of many addict’s recoveries. Faith and beliefs provide a sense of strength and a new focus, and many addicts are able to partner their beliefs with addiction help to achieve happier and better addiction recovery outcomes.

The Importance of Balance in Addiction Recovery

Finding the balance between your faith and recovery is a vital part of your recovery for a few reasons. The balance between spirituality and recovery should be maintained in order to provide you with the most benefit possible. Your spirituality can help to strengthen your sobriety resolve. Balancing your recovery and faith effectively can help you get through tough moments if done correctly. Many addictions start because of a traumatic experience, a need to self-medicate depression or anxiety or as a result of an inability to manage stress. By learning how to handle those aspects of your addiction you will be in a better position to maintain your sobriety when your triggers are presented to you. Focusing entirely on your addiction may leave you questioning yourself, your life goals and your sense of purpose. Your spirituality can provide guidance to help you to heal yourself as a whole.

Faith Lending a Hand in Addiction Recovery

There are many faith-based and Christian recovery programs offered by churches and other faith groups. These can provide you with an immense amount of support that suits both your spiritual needs and your need for addiction support. There are also spiritually-based programs that will accept you no matter what your faith is and help you find balance and centeredness in your own way. Benefits of balancing faith and addiction recovery include the following:

  • Many churches, faith-based organizations and new-age programs offer group meetings for those in need in spirituality and recovery support
  • Churches, faith-based organizations and secular rehab programs offer those in recovery a safe harbor and a place to seek guidance when sobriety or faith is being challenged by life stressors
  • These organizations may help you to connect with like-minded people who believe in an environment that is stable, free of drugs and alcohol
  • Your faith-based groups can help you to stave off boredom while also giving you a sense of purpose

Finding Addiction Help that Meets Your Needs

If you are ready to end addiction or would like to find a balance between your faith and recovery, we can help you. Give our toll-free addiction helpline a call and talk with our compassionate and knowledgeable counselors. We are here to help you find the sense of stability and balance that you need between your faith and recovery. We can even help you confidentially work with your insurance company to arrange coverage for treatment. We are here 24 hours a day, so please call now and give us the opportunity to guide you back onto the path of sobriety.