Addiction Counseling for African Americans

Addiction Counseling for African AmericansMany factors can contribute to addiction, like genetics, family history, biological makeup, environment, culture and etc. When it comes to treating addiction in African Americans, specialized treatment is not due to racial factors, but rather in cultural factors. Teens, parents, military personnel, the LGBT community and African Americans are only some of the different cultures or groups that can find specialized addiction treatment. Offering specialized treatment benefits addicts by focusing on common issues that trigger addictive behavior. This helps them find recovery options that work for their specific needs.

The Need for Addiction Treatment for African Americans

Due to inherent cultural issues like poverty, discrimination and disintegration of family structure, the African American culture has their own distinct struggle with substance abuse and addiction recovery. These socio-economic factors make substance abuse prominent in many African American communities. As a result, the attitudes towards substance abuse and addiction recovery have been forever changed in the African American culture. Unless these specific challenges and issues are addressed, treatment and recovery efforts will remain largely unsuccessful.

How Counseling Helps Addiction Recovery for African Americans

While detox, various therapies and aftercare are all vital components to the addiction recovery process, counseling has a significant effect for African American drug addicts. Whether the counseling is one-on-one, group or family, blacks see more success in recovery when they receive counseling during and after rehab. Addiction counseling allows people to focus on specific social or economic challenges that can interfere with recovery. Thus, the addict understands her own issues with addiction and can work to change her individual recovery.

Many African Americans have their own misconceptions about addiction and treatment, which is why many African Americans find it difficult to maintain recovery after treatment. Continued counseling will focus on these issues, equipping African Americans with the skills, techniques and tools necessary for long-term success. Continued support through counseling can keep addicts on track with recovery after rehab.

Addiction Counseling Options for African Americans

Many options are available for addiction counseling, and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) is one of these. This option uses techniques of motivational interviewing, where the addict can receive direct feedback and analysis on his personal issues with addiction. MET is less confrontational than other forms of counseling as it allows patients to have a better attitude towards recovery. Due to cultural factors African Americans have shown a strong resistance to change when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatment. MET is making great strides in changing these ingrained attitudes by promoting self-efficiency. Other forms of counseling also work to address the unique, underlying issues that may hold people back from recovery.

Looking for Addiction Counseling for African Americans

If you are looking for specialized addiction counseling or treatment services for African Americans, please call our toll-free helpline now. A trained addiction counselor can assist you with all your addiction recovery needs and questions. Counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you find individualized recovery services that work.