4 Ways Going with the Flow in Rehab Is the Right Decision

4 Ways Going with the Flow in Rehab Is the Right Decision

Getting on board with your rehab plan right away is the best approach when it comes to drug addiction treatment

For those who struggle with addiction, following a treatment plan while in rehab can feel frustrating, at first. But learning to go with the flow during treatment can make the entire process run more smoothly. Being flexible, learning from your therapist and others, and putting into practice the coping skills learned can improve progress and speed healing. But resisting your addiction specialist, refusing to open up and isolating yourself from those who are trying to help can only lead to frustration. Getting on board with your rehab plan right away is the best approach when it comes to drug addiction treatment. Understanding the elements of the process and why each is important can help.

Rehab Basics

After time spent in medically supervised detox, the next, and most important part of the rehab process is diagnosis. Addiction often goes hand-in-hand with mental illness, and getting treatment for both conditions increases your likelihood of a successful recovery. Your team of rehab specialists will work with you to determine if and how mental illness is playing a role in your struggle with substance abuse. Once a diagnosis is reached, treatment can begin.

Treatment for addiction involves individual and group therapy. During therapy sessions you or your loved one will learn about your addiction and how it developed. You’ll discuss and understand any family history of addiction and how genetics might be playing a part in your current situation. Your therapist or counselor will help you recognize your relapse triggers and learn coping strategies to deal with drug cravings. During group therapy you will be encouraged to share how you are feeling and learn to express yourself in healthy ways. The stories and struggles of others will inspire you to continue working to get and stay clean and sober. Treatment also provides holistic options like meditation, yoga, spiritual guidance, exercise and nutrition counseling. Taking advantage of these programs helps treat the entire person—body, mind and spirit—and create a personal balance you may have never experienced.[i]

After rehab, your addiction specialists will help you find and get involved in an ongoing support group. Support groups provide a safe place for you to share your feelings, emotions, successes and failures with others on the same journey of recovery. Having a place where you feel accepted and people you can turn to in times of inner conflict greatly reduces your risk of relapse.

Four Reasons to Go with the Flow

Whether you’ve entered drug treatment willingly or as the end result of an intervention, the important thing is to take advantage of all rehab has to offer right away. The reasons for jumping in with both feet are many, but the following four can help you do your best at treatment from the moment you walk through the door:

  1. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will change your life.[ii]

Resisting your treatment program out of fear or anger only prolongs the time you must spend away from family and delays your healing. Your treatment plan is designed just for you. Your addiction history, overall health, state-of-mind and willingness to cooperate are all factors. Your therapists and other specialists designed this plan to give you the maximum benefit for the time you are in their care. Getting started right away puts you immediately on the path of recovery.

  1. Being open to treatment allows change to come more easily.

Drug addiction treatment is all about change. The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner change can begin. Opening yourself up to the benefits that treatment provides makes it easier to begin the hard work of getting clean and sober. An open mind makes room for change. A closed mind makes change nearly impossible.

  1. Enthusiasm makes learning easier.

Addiction treatment is also about learning. Learning new ways of thinking, new behavior patterns, new responses to stress and improved self-talk are all steps on the journey to healing. Enthusiasm about your treatment plan softens your heart and mind to these new ideas and helps eliminate fears about what is ahead.

  1. Jumping in with both feet makes trust in new relationships possible.

One of the most important parts of the treatment process is learning to trust your rehab team. Everyone who is a part of your recovery journey wants the very best possible outcome from your rehab experience. Not resisting their plan for you lets you accept the help that these professionals are willing and ready to give. This builds a trust in others that addiction has taken away.

Finding Help for Addiction

Realizing you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and reaching out for help is the first step to healing. Keeping your heart and mind open to those who can make a difference in your life through treatment lets recovery begin right away. If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, we are here for you. Call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options.


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