3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Rehab

3 Ways to Prepare Yourself for Rehab

Quality sleep reduces the feeling that you need more of your drug of choice

When you or a loved one is ready for rehab treatment, preparing yourself mentally and physically before entering a treatment program can increase your chances of recovery. Addiction depletes the body and mind in many ways, so getting yourself in the best health mentally and physically beforehand will create a strong start for the journey ahead. The following three steps can help you get ready for addiction treatment, which means you can begin your life free of drugs and alcohol in a great way.

Do Not Binge or Make Changes to Your Dosage Schedule

When someone knows she is headed to addiction treatment, she often decides to go on one last drug binge before leaving her substance of choice behind for good. However, binging on drugs or alcohol greatly increases your risk for accidental overdose, which can lead to unconsciousness and even death. Furthermore, such binges can also put you and others at risk of accident or injury, and they greatly increase your risk of relapse after treatment ends. During the first few days of treatment, medically supervised detox gives your body a chance to rid itself of the toxins of the drug, so going into treatment after binging can make this challenging process even more difficult.

Just as binging before rehab treatment can increase your risk of relapse after treatment ends, stopping cold turkey on your own or changing your dosage without help increases your risk of medical complications before treatment begins. Medically supervised detox is the safest and most effective way to stop drug use. Trying to get clean on your own is dangerous, so keep to your regular dosage schedule before entering treatment unless you have been given a new schedule from a doctor or therapist.

Get Adequate Rest

Drug addiction takes a huge toll on the body, especially in quality sleep. Your drug of choice may give you so much energy that you never sleep or have such heavily sedated qualities that you get too much poor sleep. However, if you find ways to get as much sleep as possible before treatment begins, then you can clear your mind to focus on the task ahead. Quality sleep also reduces the feeling that you need more of your drug of choice to get through the day or to rest well at night. Your mind is confused by the inappropriate messages it receives from drug abuse, so it often struggles even to know when to sleep. In response, you can prepare for rehab by finding ways to induce sleep naturally, like turning off all electronics at least 30 minutes prior to bed. Furthermore, consume caffeine-free herbal teas or a cup of warm milk before bedtime. If too much quiet makes it difficult to fall asleep, then play soft music, run a fan or use a white noise machine to induce drowsiness. A warm bath or shower and keeping to a regular bedtime can also encourage quality sleep in the days leading up to rehab.

Prepare Yourself Physically

Drug and alcohol addiction can quickly lead to poor nutrition. While in rehab, you or your loved one will have many holistic treatment options that coincide with individual and group therapy, such as nutrition advice. Healthy eating plans heal the body from the effects of the addiction, which means the mind can heal as well. If you or your loved one struggles with your appetite, then work on eating smaller meals throughout the day in the time leading up to drug treatment. Vitamin-rich foods like fruits, vegetables and lean meats can cleanse your body, rebuild your strength and provide adequate calorie intake for proper energy levels. Good nutrition can put you in the best position possible for recovery before, during and after drug treatment.

Along with getting proper nutrition, prepare for rehab by packing the appropriate items to take with you. Your treatment center will provide a list of acceptable items to bring to the facility, so do not pack any items that are forbidden in the treatment center. If you do, then you will get your treatment off on the wrong foot or cause setbacks down the road. Treatment centers have such regulations to protect patients like yourself, so adhere to this list rather than balking at it. And remember to pack comforting items that remind of those you love and items that bring you joy. If you are unsure what kinds of items are acceptable, then talk to your intake counselor before packing your bag. Proper preparation can make the transition to treatment run more smoothly.

Find Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Taking a few simple steps can prepare you for rehab and increase your chances of a successful recovery. If you or a loved one struggles with addiction, then know that we are here for you. Call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options. With help, you can get and stay clean from addiction.